Seat Pad

The 4 Layer Seat Pad can be placed on top of any foam based seating surface, recliner chair, sofa, armchair, in the car or in the office and immediately start to work in bringing those areas of increased downward pressure to an acceptable level, avoiding sweating and giving fantastic air flow thus lowering pain.

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This patented 4 Layer fabric technology is a simple and cost-effective way for helping people not only in wheelchairs but also those who spend hours sitting and are at risk of developing pressure sores or tissue breakdown otherwise known as decubitus ulcers.

Proven by the NHS to help heal grade 2, 3 and 4 open wounds the Treat-Eezi Seat Pad can be used in direct contact with the skin for prevention as well, easily washed at 80dg and can be bleached, it is also available with a Vapour Permeable Cover which allows for easy wipe over cleaning with any non abrasive disinfectant.

Available in one standard size of 40cm x 50cm which is suitable for 98% of patients looking for greater comfort, maintaining healthy skin and transportable, this simple yet outstanding technology is helping thousands to live better lives without the need for pumps or electricity.
Welcome to the new generation of pressure care, Treat-Eezi products.

** Black foam economy cushion featured in the images is not available for purchase, this is for reference only as the Treat Eezi Seat Pad needs to be used on top of a foam surface.

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