Headsaver Protector

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Head protection.

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HeadSaver is a soft head protector designed to protect the head and the scalp of the elderly people from the fall related impact that could cause head or scalp injuries. HeadSaver soft head protector can also help to prevent head injuries in people suffering with medical conditions affecting stability and balance, such as Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy or epilepsy.
HeadSaver is suitable for use in care institutions, such as nursing homes, residential homes and hospital wards. It is also perfect for elderly people living active independent lives or receiving care in their own homes.
• Small/ Medium: 52 – 56 cm head circumference
• Medium/ Large: 57 – 62 cm head circumference

HeadSaver (soft helmet) is soft, lightweight and comfortable and can be worn all day or just at times of increased indoors or outdoors activities.
Special stylish coverings have been designed for extra discreet and stylish appearance, if desired. There is a choice of 3 coverings (optional extras) in one universal size:
1. Beanie (unisex)
2. Sun Hat for men
3. Headscarf for ladies
HeadSaver Soft Head Protector is a Class 1 Medical Device

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Soft helmet with straps, Beanie covering, Sun Hat covering, Headscarf covering


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