Full-Length Bed Overlay

This full-length product requires no electricity, no pumps or any maintenance contracts.

The Overlay can be washed to 80 degrees and bleached (but no fabric softeners).

All in all a trouble free but highly effective product!

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Assisted in the healing Stage 2, 3 & 4 Open Wounds within 4 weeks (Clinical trial data downloadable below)

Pressure testing shows the Treat Eezi pad mapped at 28mmHg on a patient weighing 170lbs/12 stone/76 kilos with normal bone structure and in the supine position. (Data downloadable below)

A recent clinical study on 6 cases shows improved blood flow maintaining healthy tissue. (downloadable below)

Proven to reduce users temperature and has a cooling effect over and above other surfaces. (downloadable below)

No pumps, no electricity nor power needed, no adjustments required.

Breathable, lightweight & hard wearing material guaranteed for 2 years. The internal Polyester fibres work in such a way to achieve minimal shearing. It can be frequently washed and bleached to avoid cross infection at 80 degrees.

4 layer overlay takes a weight-bearing load of up to approximately 25 stones/159 kilos.
Pad resistant to abrasion.

Not suitable for pelvic obliquities or windswept hips when used in a seating position.

2 years manufacturing warranty from date of purchase.

Vapour Permeable covers available for multi-patient use or patients with incontinence issues.**
X-Ray translucent.

BARIATRIC Overlay Range now available for custom order (approx. lead time 4 weeks) Contact us for further details.

** If vapour permeable covers are used, we recommend periodically, that the overlay is taken out of the cover and laundered or shaken & left to breathe. This allows the many thousands of fibres inside Treat Eezi to bounce back, allowing air to flow. The Treat Eezi overlay should always be taken out of the cover when storing or laundering.

Further Information

Evaluation of Treat-Eezi on Stage 3 & 4 Wounds – NHS

Treat-Eezi Clinical Report – Dr S Young

Treat-Eezi Ultrasound Analysis (part 1)

Treat-Eezi Ultrasound Analysis (part 2)

Treat-Eezi Supine Pressure Mapping Test Results

Treat-Eezi Seated Pressure Mapping Test Results

Treat-Eezi BS 7177 Approval

Air Permeability & Anti Fungal Test

Product Disclaimer.

Considering individual circumstances may be appropriate for the use of these products. Standard medical care must be followed at all times. These products are not intended to replace any procedure or guidelines in place for the prevention of pressure wounds. For additional protection whilst seated we recommend the pad is folded and always placed on a foam based chair (recliner, sofa etc., etc.).

Due to personal hygiene reasons and to avoid cross infection being passed from one person to another we regret we are not able to accept returns of this product once it has been opened and used.

Following comments from Professionals with time constraints, we have introduced an industry approved vapour permeable cover. This allows easy cleaning/wiping. We do however believe the less you put between our Treat Eezi material and the user the more effective it will be.


You need to seek further medical help if any of the following occur:

An increase in the size or drainage of the sore.

Increased redness around the sore or black areas starting to form.

The sore starts smelling and/or the drainage becomes a greenish colour.

You develop a fever.

What kind of complications can be caused by pressure sores?

Can be life-threatening.

Infection can spread to the blood, heart, bone.


Prolonged bed rest.

Autonomic dysreflexia

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