Talking Atomic Watches

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Talking watches with pin-point accuracy and a crystal clear voice.

If youíve ever used a talking watch youíll know how invaluable it can be in day-to-day life - not just for telling the time and date, but for simple tasks such as timing a roast in the oven or for
planning the day ahead.

All our atomic watches automatically update with the signal to guarantee their accuracy. A beautifully clear dial so you can easily see the time at a glance, with the added benefit of
speaking the time and date at the touch of a button. The clear English voice is recorded by the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People), making them the expertís choice.

As the time is radio controlled, you neednít worry about adjusting for summer or wintertime, or if travelling, as the time can automatically update
in any country that receives an atomic signal (including the UK, Germany, USA and Japan) and can be manually set for countries where no signal is available.

With an optional alarm and hourly time
announcement, our watches are available with a leather strap, steel bracelet or expandable bracelet and two sizes.