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If you’d like to use your scooter mainly outdoors on pavements and
high streets as well as indoors, choose the Sapphire 2. This is a great
scooter to use where the ground is generally even and with dropped
kerbs for easy accessibility when crossing roads.
The Sapphire 2 Plus is a superb mid-size scooter that offers a host of
benefits - and unusually for a scooter of its size it's transportable! Using
the same simple operation as on the Little Gem 2 you can take the
Sapphire 2 apart for transport.
Another great feature of this scooter is the amount of legroom it offers
- again far more than other similar size four wheel scooters. Add to that
the infinite steering column adjustment, wrap-around handlebars and
finger or thumb control and we're sure you'll agree the Sapphire 2 is a
truly great choice! Available in red and blue.

Key features include:
- Three wheel legroom with four wheel stability
- Swivel seat for easy access
- Easily breaks down into 5 transportable pieces
- Secure tiller that can be locked in position for transporting
- Battery charged on or off the scooter
- Heaviest part 22.5kgs (50lbs)
- Maximum speed 4mph (6.4kph)
- Up to 19 miles (30km) range
- Maximum user weight of 23 stone