HipSaver QuickChange (Unisex)

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HipSaver® Soft Hip Protectors are designed to protect the hips of elderly people from the impact of falling. HipSavers are light and comfortable to wear. They are durable and easy to care for. HipSavers are made from soft polycotton fabrics that are kind to the
skin. The protective pads are soft and pliable and mould to the body contours without bulkiness or heaviness. The pads are permanently sewn in to the
garment for carefree convenience. You can wash HipSavers in a washing machine at any temperature and you can also tumble dry them at high heat. You
can wear HipSavers day and night - they are comfortable enough to sleep in, providing 24 hour protection. HipSavers are durable and carry a 12 months quality guarantee on materials and

HipSaver QuickChange is unisex. It is room and has a drop down crotch panel for the convenient changing of incontinence pads. HipSaver QuickChange is made in a practical light beige colour that is resistant to staining and discolorations.

Enables fast and convenient change of continence diapers and personald pads

Seven Sizes (male and female):
Measure at the hips around the trochanteric areas at the top
of the thighs.

XXS: 60 - 69 cm (24 - 27")
XS: 70 - 81 cm (28 - 31")
S: 82 - 92 cm (32 - 35")
M: 93 - 102 cm (36 - 39")
L: 103 - 114 cm (40 - 44")
XL: 115 - 127 cm (45 - 50")
XXL: 128 - 146 cm (51 - 57")