Ergolipse Standard

£230.66 inc VAT

Product code: 09 142 8937


Many people suffer from back pain
during their lives, which is often
a result of poor posture, or sitting
for prolonged periods of time.
The award-winning Ergolipse® range
of products has been developed
in consultation with occupational
therapists and physiotherapists,
to alleviate back pain and encourage
better posture.
When in position, the Ergolipse®
encircles the waist while the forearms
are supported by the armrests at
very comfortable right angles to the
body. The resultant ergonomic
position maintains a straight back,
preventing spine distortion.

The Ergolipse® Standard is designed to be used when sitting on a sofa or in bed, to provide the user with optimal comfort when working or relaxing. It is ideal for carrying out a wide range of activities while seated for
long periods.