DermaSaver Shin-Knee Tube

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Product code: SKT1250


Revolutionary MicroSpring Textile offers
breathability, moisture transfer, softness and practicality not possible with gels, foams or fleece. Microfilaments flex to reduce pressure on fragile skin over bony areas, such as the heel, shin, knee, elbow and forearm.

DermaSaver skin protectors are made from the revolutionary MicroSpring Textile. DermaSavers protect fragile
skin from damage caused by external pressure, friction, abrasion and shear. Soft and breathable DermaSavers
are machine washable and durable. Made in practical light beige colour, DermaSavers have garment like fabric
composition (94% polyester and 6% spandex). DermaSavers are compatible with topical ointments, medicated
lotions and creams and do not support bacterial growth. Soft, non constricting and comfortable, DermaSavers help to prevent skin tears, bruising and sores and speed up the healing of existing problems.
DermaSavers are latex free. DermaSavers are sold as "singles".

XS - XSmall: 17.5 - 23cm (7 - 9")
S - Small: 23 - 30cm (9 - 12")
M - Medium: 30 - 37.5cm (12 - 15")
L - Large: 37.5 - 48cm (15 - 19")
XL - XLarge: 48 - 58cm (19 - 23")

For correct size, measure around the widest part of the calf. If borderline, choose the larger size.

DermaSavers are not VAT exempt