Deluxe Perching / Kitchen / Shower Stools

From £35.88 inc VAT

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- This new range of perching stools features t
polyurethane upholstery.
- The registered designed seats have been ergonomically designed to provide correct pressure distribution, posture and ultimate comfort.
- The unique anthropometrically shaped seat profile ensures that these seats are the most comfortable and slip resistant available.
- Ideal for bathroom, shower or kitchen use.
- Manufactured in preferred high grade tensile steel in the United Kingdom with a tough peel resistant plastic coating.
- All models have slightly angled seats to enable the user to sit and rise with greater ease.
- Front to back bracing struts for additional strength.
- Upholstery contains hygienilac which makes them resistant to MRSA and other microbiological contaminants.
- A bariatric version is also available